Check back for appearances and events. I'll be working on new ambient compositions available later this year.

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August 2022
Thank you to Paul Abella for allowing to play guitar with his trio for the past five years. I enjoyed his friendship and ability to create really inspired music! Look for his group, Paul Abella Trio, to continue lighting it up in Chicagoland!

I am collaborating with John Hegner on an experimental, electro-acoustic, ambient project that is taking shape. As new sounds emerge, I'll keep you updated. 

John Pazdan and I are discussing another experimental improvisational project. We hope to collaborate with like-minded percussionists!

April 2022

A contemplative, minimalist set of songs, "Night Songs," was released in April. Sounds of the coming night and the ensuing dreamtime when visions of the earth and sky join loved ones in new adventures and favorite memories; these pieces feature piano and organ textures complemented by atmospheric effects and prepared guitar. 


Thank you to Candice Michelle at Journeyscapes Radio, Renée Blanche at KCUR 89.3 FM, Dominic Castelli at KXCI 91.3 FM Tucson, Rusty Hodge at SomaFM's Deep Space One and Mission Control, and TC at Ambient Zone for featuring pieces from Night Songs, Blue Lotus Dream, Introverse, Connection, Soul Immersion, Starbound, and Prairie Fire.

November 2021

"Blue Lotus Dream" has been released! The songs were originally created and performed for a fundraiser at Blue Lotus Temple in Woodstock, Illinois in August of 2021. Inspired by the people of the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple in Woodstock, Illinois, whose commitment is to practice compassion in all actions and add more love to the world, the performance was refined for this recording. Enjoy! 

May 2021

The new recording of ambient and chill groove music "Introverse" is available at! The sounds on this recording are the result of musical and mindful self-reflection. The inward vibrations which move my soul inspired the creation of these pieces. Not all the compositions are of quiet introspection or solitude, as some demonstrate improvisational, even playful inventiveness. The result is a recording from the heart.

December 2020

The latest recording of chill, ambient music is now available! "Connection" features five pieces of heartfelt electronic sound collages subconsciously influenced by all those whom I have loved in my lifetime. Those before us, apparitions in the same, ancestral sky that I look to each night. The glow of the stars lights the way for those who walk with me now and will follow when I'm gone... This is connection. Available on

May 2020

Thank you to all for listening!

January 2020

Thanks to Candice Michelle at Journeyscapes Radio, Renée Blanche at Night Tides, and Matt Hermes at WDCB 90.9 FM for featuring music from "Starbound". Another new ambient recording "Soul Immersion" has just been released and will soon hit the airwaves! Also, check out "October 6, 2019" the free-form guitar improvisation all available on

June 2019

Thank you to Paul Abella and WDCB 90.9 FM for featuring tracks from the latest recordings "Positive Space" and "Pieces of Light"! Thank you to Rusty Hodge at SomaFM for including "Positive Space" on SomaFM's BandCamp collection. Thank you to Candice at Journeyscapes Radio for including tracks from "Positive Space" on their ambient playlist.

January 2019

"Positive Space" was just released, Billy's first electronic ambient recording. It features otherworldly ambient guitar and synth pieces. See the Media section for digital download information.

April 2017

"Pieces of Light" is available! The recording took place at John Hegner's Starbell Hatchery Studio outside of Woodstock, Illinois with Dave Childress (piano & synth), Phil Ciancio (tenor & soprano sax), Jim Seidel (bass) and Johnny Weber (drums) putting in outstanding performances on these original compositions. The new recording features photography by artist Ann Powell, "Clouds on the Prairie."

Go to to download music or ask Billy for a CD at his next show.



Billy Denk is an American guitarist and composer.


Billy previously hosted the Northern Sky Jazz Show on Harvard Community Radio where he introduced the music of and interviewed Chicago's brightest jazz musicians, in addition to some of his heroes worldwide. 

Billy founded Jazz on the Square, a Woodstock, Illinois, not-for-profit organization which promotes jazz performance and education in northern Illinois. From 2007 to 2013, he hosted the Jazz on the Square Jazz Jam Series which brought top performers together with less experienced musicians. Several young musicians took the stage with encouragement from Denk, many of whom have developed into fine jazz performers. Billy also organized Jazz on the Square's annual jazz festival each August.

A consummate musician gifted in many styles, Billy's focus has been on fusing jazz, funk, latin, rock, ambient, and experimental music. He performs in Chicago regularly with the Paul Abella Trio. Billy has recorded and performed with saxophonists Frank Ardito and Phil Ciancio, the John Weber Trio, Chris Greene Quartet, and Glazz Ensemble, and worked with legendary producer Joe Tortorici.